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Stonehedge Garden Center has long been your source for the best brands in garden brands. Here is a list of some of Annuals and Perennials we have. We also carry so much more . Call today and ask if have your any annuals and perennials in stock

Annual Flowers

Marigolds  are easy to grow. They also and have a continuous flowering period.  African marigolds and French Marigolds.  The African are larger – they grow upright and can reach a height of 30 inches. French marigolds grow more into a bush style plant and only reach the height of 8-16 inches.  Marigolds are great  for planting around or in flower beds..

Geraniums  There is a great deal of variety of geraniums. Lots of different colors and Geraniums have small flowers that attract plenty of butterflies and bees. There are many place to usage for geraniums one is to use them under roses. They look great in hanging plants in flower bed.

Impatiens  these pretty flowers are great for brightening a shaded corner and they are extremely adaptable. They are available in a large number of colors and varieties. They look great in boxes and beds and in hanging baskets.

Gerbera Daisy  If you love daisies then Gerbera Daisy is your plant. They come in a variety  of colors that make an excellent cut flowers for your table.  They will bloom all summer and are suitable to use in containers as well as flowerbeds.

 Sweet Peas Good idea is to plant this beauty close to doors or walkways – you will be able to enjoy their delicious fragrance every time you walk by! Sweet Peas is  great in cool climates.

Zinnias  These are beautiful flowers that are hard to grow. The make fantastic bouquets for your table. They need to be cut cut the regularly. They perform well in full sun and can be easily used in containers as well as flowerbeds.

Sunflower – Nothing will brighten your day more than the shining faces of sunflowers – they will bring a ray of sunshine into your garden even on a rainy day. Tough and durable, sunflowers can take hot sun and dry conditions without fading. They range in color from a crisp yellow to a beautiful shade of red. They have no serious pest or disease problem and will easily grow anywhere in your garden

Morning Glory  Sky-blue trumpet shape flower will welcome each new day for you if this will become your choice of plants for your garden. Morning Glory wine grows very fast up a trellis or screen and will soon fill the space with magical 4 inch blossoms in various shades. If you plants them from seeds, plant multiples of seeds, since each seed will only produce one single strand – it will not branch out.

Putunias Grandiflora They have large flowers and are best grown in containers or hanging baskets (because they are more susceptible to rain damage). Multiflora petunias are ideal for summer bedding or in a mixed border (because they are more tolerant to wet weather).

Perennial Flowers Stonehedge Landscaping Co

Perennial Flowers

Here is a list of some of are Perennials again we always have more in stock please call to ask if we have your Perennial you need.


Serbian Wallflower or  Blue Waterfall

One of the most popular perennials. It is great in rock gardens, edging, tubs and pots or as ground cover. They spread in green leaves and work into beautiful violet-blue flowers. They bloom in early spring can bloom for weeks and maybe bloom again in the fall.

 Bleeding Hearts or  King of Hearts

They are appreciated long season of bloom. It starts asgrey-green leaves, changing into a dangling heart-shaped flowers in a bright rode-red shade. Great for edging and mixed containers.


These grass like plants, usually preferring areas with moist, rich soil. They have a nice leathery green leaves and a  bright yellow stripe down in the center. Great for edging or rock gardens. If the tips of leaves get wind-burn over the winter, all you have to do is trim them with scissors in the spring. A non-spreading plant and you can divide it into more plants in the early spring. it will tolerate dry shade as well.

 Geranium “Rozanne or  Cranesbill Geranium

This plant is excellent for long-season displayin a mixed container. It will flower for weeks or months, particularly in region with cool summers. You can prune it back by half to rejuvenate if it is flowering during hot weather. It also changes color into a beautiful bronze shade in the fall.

Single peony

beautiful blooms in late spring and are prized for their large, colorful and fragrant blooms. Plants form a bush of dark green leaves that will stay all season long . It single flowers of bright rose pink with contrasting creamy yellow center.


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