Key components to attracting birds to your backyard

You know you are a backyard birder when you look forward to winter and the feathered visitors to your Newington CT yard. The key to success rests with three basics that makes the birds feel welcome. If you are able to provide all of these key components there is no doubt that you will find great pleasure, fulfillment and inspiration from watching and listening to the birds.


  •  If you are just starting out, buy small quantities of different types of seed to determine which works best.
  • Place feeders away from busy sidewalks.
  • Keep your seed supply dry, protected from moisture and rodents.
  • Clean feeders regularly to prevent sick or diseased birds.
  • Window strikes can be reduced by placing feeders at least 3 feet away from a window.
  • Locate feeders near bushes or other cover when possible to give birds a quick escape from predators.


  • Birds need a dependable water supply throughout the year for drinking and bathing.
  • A heated bird bath in the winter is a welcome element during freezing temperatures.


  • Birds need protective covering to escape predators and rest.
  • Native shrubs and trees are good for roosting cover, nest sites and shelter from cold temperatures and bad weather.
  • Without the sense of security that a good source of cover provides, many birds will simply not use a feeding station.
  • Landscaping for cover should include plants ranging in size and density such as small evergreen shrubs to tall full grown trees so birds can choose the appropriate cover they need for feeding, hiding, courting and nesting activities.


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