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A well-designed walkway that follows the curve of your yard makes the perfect entrance to your home. Whether you’re starting with a new walkway or removing old original concrete, Stonehedge Landscaping can do it all. We do offer a large variety of colors, styles and patterns. Walkways give a long lasting design that compliments the aesthetics of your home. We know one of your priorities in owning a house is keeping everyone that walks on your property safe. An installed driveway can keep everyone safe since it will be an even and smooth surface. A stone walkway minimizes the risk of tripping over an uneven surface and minimizes foot traffic through your grass and gardens.

The experts at Stonehedge Landscaping Co. will add drama to your yard and gardens with an expertly installed retaining wall, garden border, stairway or porch. We have included examples of some of these projects in the gallery below.


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